Visual identity design

The visual identity design includes the preparation of a coherent image concept. It can be prepared for newly built, adapted buildings, and the existing ones, also if the arrangement of the interior of the medical office does not change. The aim of the design is to create a coherent image of the office and to develop aesthetic additional elements – from stationery, business cards, to logotypes and graphic templates of websites.
The visual identity design is the most important for marketing, because it allows to communicate in a consistent and transparent manner with potential patients and contractors, and enables to easily build the office brand recognition. The scope of works covered by the visual identity design is always determined during the interview with the investor – the better the effects, the more extensive the works are, nevertheless it is the investor who makes the final decision. A correct, comprehensive visual identity deisgn includes, for instance:

  • branding, which is the development of the name of the office, the registration of the Internet domain associated with it and the related social accounts, if the investor will carry out promotional activities with their use;
  • all printed materials: business cards, leaflets, posters, boards, banners, large format advertisements, letterheads and envelopes;
  • development of a graphic sign (with or without a sign book) in several color options depending on the needs defined in the marketing strategy;
  • preparation of a complete website or at least the graphic template that complies with the requirements of a specific internet technology.

Thee scope of the visual identity design may also include a refreshing of the interior of the office or auxiliary rooms, development of signs or designs of protective clothing and additional accessories. Currently, it is believed that a consistent marketing message is one of the factors determining the success of the office to the same extent as the professionalism of doctors, dentists and veterinarians.

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