Interior design project

The interior design, due to the role it plays in ensuring the comfort and ergonomics of the facility, is the subject of very detailed planning. The interior design project determines not only the look of the dental surgery or the doctor’s office, but also the extent to which this facility can be considered as ergonomic. An important factor in the creation of this type of project is also the ability to adapt it to the budget constraints set by the investor – in many cases, the purpose of the interior design project is to indicate the economically optimal finish that will meet the highest functional standards.
The design of interiors is important because owing to it, it is possible to:

  • carry out the final verification of project assumptions;
  • reconcile the color of the interior;
  • determine what finishing materials, accessories and equipment will be in the facility, as well as check what the risk is that they will not meet the administrative and functional requirements;
  • establish a list of materials necessary for trouble-free performance of renovation or building work;
  • obtain promotional materials, mainly including photorealistic visualizations.

The interior design project is of cardinal importance for the smooth performance of finishing works. Although at the working stage it is necessary to use the detailed design, the latter is only a more formalized, technical way of describing the interior, which in the interior design project is presented in a visual form, what allows the investor, who is not familiar with the rules of reading architectural plans, to introduce the required corrections and evaluate the result of the designer’s work.
From the point of view of the usefulness of the facility, the interior design project should be considered as the most important, because it allows to present every detail in the office, thus enabling accurate assessment of design decisions.

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