Designs of Fixed Guards

Designs of fixed guards are special documents that are prepared to ensure safety and compliance with regulations in surgeries and laboratories in which imaging equipment is set. Ionizing radiation, due to its harmfulness, must exert its effect only in the limited space possible, and fixed guards are to protect the remaining places. Characteristics of fixed guards is included in the regulations of the Sanitary Inspectorate and the so-called Atomic law, as well as selected standards that impose quite high technical requirements. It is often the problem to implement the guards in the design in such a way that they do not violate the concept of artistic arrangement.
The design of fixed guards is a task that requires to carry out calculations, as the structure of guards varies depending on the parameters of the medical equipment. However, the execution of the design is a necessary condition because it enables to:

  • ensure compliance with relevant regulations;
  • protect the office against harmful radiation;
  • protect the health of patients staying in the office and at the laboratory;
  • protect the employees operating medical equipment.

Although the installation of X-ray apparatus in surgeries is associated with specific technical, administrative and cost problems, it is a huge convenience for doctors, dentists and veterinarians. Proper design of fixed guards gives the possibility of perfect adaptation of the interior to the requirements imposed by the regulations on the use of medical equipment, therefore the description of guards is made at a relatively early stage of work, which gives hope for integrating the guards with the architectural structure of the property in such a way that the existing imaging diagnostics laboatory is harmonized with the rest of the facility, also at a visual level. This is important because it affects the comfort of patients and to some extent also the ergonomics of the entire office.

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