Projekt instalacji technologicznych

Medical offices must meet not only strict hygienic and aesthetic standards, but above all, in order to be practical, they must be equipped with all necessary technological installations. Their failure-free operation and full safety depend on the correct preparation of the design. Planning the route of ventilation, air-conditioning, energy and ICT networks, electrical alarms and technical installations specific to medical offices, e.g. compressors, guarantees the possibility of efficient operation and, if necessary, also of installation repairs.
It is good to prepare the design of technological installations at an early stage of works, because it gives the designers the greatest freedom, and for the investor it is associated with the least possible cost of the entire installation. This is important because due to the legal regulations in force and the ergonomics of the office, all technological installations must be properly marked and immobilized, and in some cases additional separation of certain networks is necessary.
Designing technological installations is necessary for a number of reasons:

  • it enables to ensure compliance with formal requirements for medical offices and dental surgeries;
  • it enables precise prediction of purchase and operation costs of network nodes;
  • it is necessary in order to execute interior design and detailed design for a specific facility;
  • it increases the ergonomics of arrangement and security, because it enables to plan the necessary additional works at an early stage, e.g. the separation of the selected types of technological networks.

The design of technological networks is always prepared by architects and industry consultants after consultation with the investor, who presents the main assumptions and expectations as to the functional qualities of the ready installation.

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