Architectural and building design

The architectural and building design is a special type of document that is created when it is necessary to build a new facility. This is a procedure that provides the investor with greater freedom than in the case of adaptation of the existing property, although also in this case obtaining the maximum ergonomics of the building requires adjusting its design to the requirements of the local development plan, as well as the specificity of the building plot. These factors determine the need to prepare a design of a different nature than in the case of the adaptation of the premises. The architectural and building design is prepared in order to obtain an administrative building permit, but later it is also used as a background layer for detailed designs.
The correct preparation of an architectural and building design for a dental, veterinary or medical office, or a facility for, for example, a SPA center requires enormous knowledge, skills and perfect intuition, because the quality of the design has an influence on:

  • obtaining a building permit;
  • determining the costs of building and finishing the object;
  • ergonomics of ready solutions, their durability, functionality and usability;
  • the degree of matching of the design to the unusual expectations of the investor and his clients.

Although the architectural and building design is created mainly to achieve the administrative objective, which is obtaining a building permit, it should not be regarded merely as a formality, as the changes introduced at this stage to adapt the building to specific requirements also affect the subsequent stages of design work. Designing clinics or medical offices is a continuous process and requires continuous improvement and refinement of the existing architectural and building design, so the better it will be, the sooner the detailed design stage will be reached and the smaller the risk that any of the phases of the design or execution process will end with mistakes.

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